Step By Step How to place an Embroidery Order

Welcome to the step by step guide on how to order a piece of embroidery:

  • First starting on the home page then head over to the Item you wish to have embroidered, for this Example we are going to use a Bronte Jacket

  • Once we have picked the jacket we would like we then need to select our Size and Colour, then Add To Cart.

Now we want to Pick Our Logo:

  • Starting at the Home Page we want to head over to the Logo’s from here so we go to the “Start Shopping Here” Button at the top of the page.

  • On This Page Click on the “all Logo’s”.

  • Here we have a choice of what Type of Logo we want, But for our Jacket we are going to choose “Jumping Logo’s”.

  • Once we have picked what Logo we want we need to choose a Size and Say what colour we want our Logo to Include. So For or Jacket we will Pick Logo “Horse Logo #159”, Size Medium and we want Blue Colours. When Happy Add To Cart.

Now we want to Add Our Lettering:

  • Starting on the Home Page Again we want to Click the “Start Shopping Here” Button at the top of the page.

  • Click on “Add Names and More

  • Here you will see different Style of Lettering you can have. For Our Jacket we are going to Pick “Block Letter’s

  • Here we Chose our “Size Of Lettering”, “Colour or Metallic Lettering”, “Position Of Lettering” and then add the “Name” you would like on your item. Then Quantity  Is How many Letters are in the name E.G Spirit Quantity of 6.

  • For our Example Jacket we will Chose Size 1”, Colour Lettering, Say what colour, Arched Over Top, Spirit and Quantity 6. Then Add to Cart.

Our Cart:

Then we can go to our cart at the top Right of the page and see the brake down of your order please check over the spelling of the names as it will be spelt how it is spelt here.

In the photo you can see the example of the one I did with the above information.